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Karola Gajda

Karola Gajda was born to Polish parents in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. She studied Drama and French at Bristol University and acting at Jacques Lecoq's in Paris, a theatre school specialising in physical theatre, mask, clown and mime. When Karola moved to London she quickly discovered stand-up comedy which she did for seven years. This culminated in a one-woman show about her family background called 'My Polish Roots and Other Vegetables.'

Karola's currently working on a radio sitcom called 'The Ironing Curtain' about two Polish sisters who run an ironing business in London and she's also performing stand up again. She is married to Chris and lives in Sheffield.

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Are My Roots Showing?

Romantic Fiction

Thirty something Magda, born in England to Polish parents, has recently broken up with her rotten boyfriend Matt and needs a fresh start. Quitting her job in London she sets off to Warsaw to teach English. While her excited Mama thinks she is off to find a nice Polish husband, Magda simply wants to explore her roots, improve her rusty Polish and see how her parents' homeland has changed. 
To her horror, Magda discovers that Mama and her bossy cousin Dagmara have sneakily put her on a dating site. Does Magda stay in Poland? And does she find a Polish Husband? 
Funny and touching, 'Are My Roots Showing?' is about identity, family, the fleetingness of life and love. Magda learns how history affects the present, and that where there are roots, new shoots can grow.'Gajda touches on the changes that have taken place in Warsaw - emerging from the grim Communist era into a stylish modern city - from her own experiences of travelling there while growing up. And Gajda's stand-up roots are certainly showing - there is some fine comic observation of human foibles and she is particularly astute on the complexity of family relationships.' Yorkshire Post.