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Billy Keane

Billy Keane tackles lives lived on the edge with a sharp yet compassionate eye and above all biting black humour. It is an assured report from Ireland's dark, post boom underbelly by a supremely talented storyteller.



The Ballad of Mo & G by Billy Keane is my book of the year

Donal Ryan

Heartbreak and comedy, tenderness and savagery meld into a beautiful, mad narrative delivered in a voice that's completely real. I could not put it down.

The Irish Times

The Ballad of Mo & G

Liberties Press;

In a small unamed town in the Southwest of Ireland, Mo and G have begun what could be loosely described as a relationship, albeit a deep rooted, yet dysfunctional one. Between the sex and the beatings, there's barely time for G to worry about his arch enemies the Olsens or their Dobermans.