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Graeme Aitken

Graeme Aitken was born in New Zealand where his first much lauded novel, 'Fifty Ways of Saying Fabulous' is set. The author of three novels he manager of the influential Darlinghust Bookshop in Sydney.

'Aitken has demonstrated fearlessly his skill in the art of telling a good story... his honesty and fearlessness in confronting those squirmy adolescent secrets is to be admired'

Canberra Times

50 Ways of Saying Fabulous is an honest, funny and sometimes painful read. It is a welcome addition to the gay coming of age genre; the collection of works in which we see ourselves reflected and refracted, and find fifty ways of saying,''me''’ 

Melbourne Observer

50 Ways of Saying Fabulous

Literary fiction: gay; coming-of-age
The Indignities;
Vanity Fierce;
UK & Translation Rights;
Translation Rights;
About a boy growing up gay on a New Zealand farm and pretending to be Judy from 'Lost in Space' by fixing bits of cow’s tail to his hair at the back. When his Mum wants him for tea she calls out: Come on Judy. Tea's ready'. But he discovers this isn’t quite what’s expected of a boy in a small farming community.