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Harry Acton

Harry Acton is a graduate of Edinburgh and Nottingham universities, and is a teacher in London. Reconstruction is his first novel.




Literary Fiction
Delivered September 2013; on submission

Pete Adams, running away from London and a soul-leaching job on a journal devoted to ‘urban renewal’, has found in Berlin a world of cheap rents and experimental living, where the chance to remake his life on his own terms seems to be there for the taking. But then Pete receives a shock he could never have foreseen, and is overtaken by an unsettling new vision of the life he is leading.

Interweaving the personal and the political, the story raises urgent questions about what drives our contemporary dreams and habits of ‘reconstruction’, and what other kinds of transformation may yet be available to us. Fresh, intelligent and in search of the hard edges of unstructured lives, Harry Acton’s first novel has a rare ability to take us into the heart of feelings and relationships – to seem itself alive.