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Manini Nayar

Manini Nayar teaches literature, writing and women's studies at Penn State.

She has won many awards for her writing, including the BBC World Service short story award, the Stand Magazine Prize and the Boston Review Award, as well as Individual Artist Fellowships from the Indiana and Pennsylvania Arts Councils.

Her collection of interlinked stories, Are We Home Yet? is on submission and she is working on her first novel.

Raised in Dehra Dun and New Delhi, her stories are imbued with the warmth and colour of the sub-continent but do not shrink from showing the powerful dislocations of the globalised world where immigrants who dream of the West can often experience hostility and loss.

With the deft touch of the fine writer, Manini Nayar can delight and disturb in the same moment.

Here is a short story she wrote for the Boston Review.

Are We Home Yet?

Literary fiction
On submission