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Welcome to Our Blog

on Tue, 11/19/2013 - 21:11

We are the Geraldine Cooke Agency. Welcome to our blog.

We’re passionate about our work here. We are lovers of books and the creative world. For this reason, we are committed to a high standard of editing, to allowing any worthy work to find its own readership, and to conserving the writer’s voice throughout the book’s journey from conception to publication. In that vein, we feel that the best method of distributing news about our work is to communicate directly with readers via the web. This blog will be our main channel of correspondence for news about our agency, our authors and the literary world, and a few more things besides.

Here you will be able to find:

· Information about our ongoing projects

· News about the world of books and the arts in general

· Short stories and extracts from our writers and others

· Recommended reading and interesting events

What we’re reading now

This week we’ve been digging into David Peace’s Red or Dead, a striking account of the life of the great Bill Shankly. A passionate testament to one man, a great city and ultimately a way of life, this story of passion and teamwork is a must-read.

And on the classic side of things, we’ve been bowled over by a much-overlooked piece of world literature, the astounding Independent People by Iceland’s Halldór Laxness. First published in 1934, this novel has certainly stood the test of time — a tragic tale of one man against the world, of the individual battling nature and fate in a stunning display of the human spirit.

Any suggestions for books we can mention? Leave a comment below or drop us an email at!